Is Media heading towards more politicization than ever?

I guess media is becoming my favorite pillar (pun intended). Actually I’ve thought of writing some biased news coverage in every post of mine; however last time when I attempted to prepare something than the P.S. portion becomes bigger than the post itself. So, I’ve decided to dedicate one more post for the media so that I can put forward few relevant details regarding the news coverage; as well as my complete opinion on the same.

So I’m here with another biased coverage by the colorful media of our country. I’m sorry but it’s again from IBN though it is a bit obvious to find more biased coverage in a news channel which is been headed by a person (read Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai) who has once stated in a seminar dated 26-June, 2001 that “For a long time the journalist’s role was seen to be that of an independent observer of events. But observation alone can be rather tedious and not very financially productive either. Ideological corruption is as much a part in this process as anything else. A journalist can get close to a political party, business house or an individual in a manner that compromises his independence. Having acquired that proximity, the journalist can then use his clout on a larger scale, playing kingmaker in cementing political alliances at the centre, or in providing the link between a minister in the Union cabinet and a business house in need of a favor. ” Now, what he wanted to convey- whether justifying his own biased reporting or trying to put fingers on other channels too; I don’t know. But one thing I know is- this viewpoint is not only disheartening but also very dangerous. There has always been some amount of media bias in one form or other; however this level of ideological corruption and considering it as a part of “process” is truly disappointing when we see it coming from a person like Sh. Sardesai who has been known for his erstwhile blatant and fearless journalism.

Anyways, the biased coverage which I’m talking about was regarding the “money-in-the-house scam”. This matter is not that relevant anymore as house has given clean chit to the members alleged in this scam however my concern is regarding the coverage by the news channel which has had some critical footages. IBN aired the news that they had some critical evidences in this regard and created buzz saying that they would broadcast them soon. However, later on with the day proceeding, they kept on delaying footage until they finally cancelled its broadcast citing the reasons that they weren’t “so sure” about it. The media website Hoot speculates that IBN did not air the story either because its contents did not pass muster with Editor-in-chief Rajdeep Sardesai or because Anil Ambani, a shareholder in Network 18 which owns the channel, leaned on boss-man Raghav Bahl not to air the footage meant to discredit Amar Singh, a politician close to Ambani. Well, I don’t know if this website is right or wrong but I’ve sufficient reasons to suspect the intention of IBN after all it is the same channel which didn’t even think twice before airing the “sensational” news like firing on the CST station on 27^th of November, 2008 or news like George Bush washing hands after shaking hands with Barack Obama flashed all over the channel and portal; without even thinking about the “responsibility” and “not so sure” aspect.


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