Does a national party need to compromise this much?

One fine day, I was reading an article of Sh. T V R Shenoy. I was pretty much impressed of his opinion on why our minority affairs minister never expressed any kind of apology on his controversial statement. I would like readers to know about his views, along with few of my opinions on this issue.

No doubt that one would love to believe that Antulay’s statement was simply the view of a single individual, and not that of the Union Cabinet; and of course not that of the Congress. But the studied silence of the Treasury front benches and the evasions of the party spokesmen make one wonder whether this belief is correct. I grant you that poor Dr Manmohan Singh dare not drop a minister, or even criticize him without Sonia Gandhi’s approval. I completely agree to Sh. Shenoy when he puts forward his opinion that as long as the minority affairs minister sits at the Cabinet table doesn’t it indicate that the Congress boss takes him seriously?

And if the Congress takes Antulay seriously, so should we. In that spirit, let us examine his allegations. The thrust of his charge was that Karkare was too good an officer to rush to the Cama Hospital when the Taj hotel appeared to be the main target of the terrorist strikes. There is a simple explanation. “The records indicate that the attack on the Taj hotel was reported to the Police Control Room a full 13 minutes after Karkare was killed.” But this was too small an aspect to be noted by our esteemed minister. But even more important point which Antulay missed was the need of the circumstances prevailing thence. I can for once, accept that he said all that as just another viewpoint however I can’t understand why he didn’t apologize even after being told about all these things surrounding that fateful incident. This remind me of the similar kind of allegations by few more politicians up north, on the batla house encounter; where they raised objections even over the death of martyr Inspector M C Sharma.

However, it wasn’t as bad because what has happened now has happened in a party with widest presence in the country, with a party which boasts of those historical figures which put the foundation of secularism in this country, which were anything but the pseudo-secular, anti-nationalist leaders proposing M-Y (Muslim Yadav) equation; this is more disappointing because it has to much to do with the ruling party. How can we feel safe when the ruling party couldn’t even shut the mouth of somebody like Antulay?


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