Who will watch the watchmen?

Deciding the opening lines for this blog was even more difficult than deciding about the blog title. Surprisingly, deciding about the blog-intent and matter didn’t seem so difficult to me in the beginning. However I know that as the time will progress, it would become more challenging and interesting on that front too.

Anyways, as the name suggests, this blog is all about watchmen- basically the four pillars of our democracy- Legislature, Judiciary, Executive, and Media. I would try to address as many proceedings as possible though inputs from others would always be welcomed. Never mind posting your comments in any case, whether you agree or disagree. I would specially want indifferent people to read my posts and either agree or disagree because the posts would concern those issues which may appear not-so-relevant but are loaded issues of the hour.

Finally, regarding my identity: I’ve been inspired by the film “A Wednesday” though thankfully not violently inspired. So, I decided to keep this an anonymous user’s blog or rather a blog of anyone and everyone. This is not just my voice; but of thousands (if not millions) of common Indians. Hence, I decided to go this way. I hope, people would enjoy my posts and those who are interested to post on the similar lines may ask me to add them as a co-author. Although this blog would also deal with prevalent biases in the functioning of these fours pillars, yet I’m a human being myself and can have certain prejudices, and biases. Adding more authors in this journey would thereby help in making the message of blog clearer and cleaner.


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